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International Taxation


Income from Abroad is Taxable

The IRS reminds you to report your worldwide income on your U.S. tax return and lists the possible consequences of hiding income overseas.

U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad

This section covers tax topics for U.S. citizens or resident aliens living overseas.

Taxation of Nonresident Aliens

The U.S. source income of nonresident aliens is subject to U.S. taxation.

Taxation of Resident Aliens

A resident alien's income is generally subject to tax in the same manner as a U.S. citizen.

Foreign Students and Scholars

Aliens temporarily present in the United States as students, trainees, teachers, researchers, exchange visitors, and cultural exchange visitors are subject to special rules with respect to the taxation of their income.

Tax Withholding on Foreign Persons

This section covers tax withholding topics for payments made to U.S. citizens abroad or aliens employed both in the United States and abroad. This section also covers tax withholding and reporting rules on payments of U.S. source income made to foreign persons.

Tax Treaties

Tax treaties may allow residents of foreign countries to be taxed at a reduced rate, or to be exempt from U.S. income taxes on certain items of income they receive from sources within the United States.

Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN)

A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is an identification number used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the administration of tax laws.

Classification of Taxpayers for U.S. Tax Purposes

This section will help you determine if you are a "Foreign Person" or a "United States person" for U.S. tax purposes.

Determining Alien Tax Status

If you are an alien (not a U.S. citizen), you are considered a nonresident alien unless you meet the Green Card test or the Substantial Presence test.

Taxation of Dual-Status Aliens

You are a dual-status alien when you have been both a resident alien and a nonresident alien in the same tax year.

Miscellaneous International Tax Issues

This section covers subjects not previously discussed.



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