Yedexcol Services Corp. mission is to provide the most accurate professional bookkeeping services and information for small businesses that are unable to afford financial employees of their own and let them spent time making more sales. We strive to provide professional, affordable, and timely services to small businesses while adhering to high standards of quality and integrity.



Yedexcol Services Corp. was founded to service the business market that includes sole proprietorships, small partnerships, and micro-companies. Our client wants to spend the most time developing and managing his/her business and the least time pouring over the day-to-day numbers. Our prospective client wants to consider our service one of the best investments not an expense. If you are doing your own books, you’re wasting time and money. You need to focus on revenue generation. Outsourcing reduces costs, improves quality.


Yedexcol Services Corp. offers a comprehensive list of bookkeeping and related services at your choice from data entry bookkeeping through planning your budget and taxes. Let us show you how we can provide superior services to your business. Yedexcol Services Corp. can customize a package of services that are priced to keep you competitive in your marketplace while taking many of the headaches out of running your business.